Sexual Preferences Change

. . . and so does the Internet. Once upon a time, the file you just requested may well have been a heterosexual file, raising 2.5 children in a cold foggy suburb of Later, when it got older and wiser and chose to be queer, it brought its 2.5 children to a happier life in our rainbow commune at, where they formed a new and happier family with two daddies and three mommies and several genderfree androgynous parental figures. We've all watched with pride as the kids grew up and the parents did their share of growing too.

But now? Well, some of our files are still right here under our rainbow, and others have gone off to seek their own rainbows elsewhere. The one you just requested has moved on for now and left no forwarding address—just the simple message "404 Not Found," and a promise to write to us once it finds a new home. What can we say but that we wish it well?

Of course, the file may not have gone far yet. It may simply have moved to a different location on this site. For example, if you're searching for a file with a .htm extension, it may help you to know that all files on this site now use the .html format. And if this suggestion doesn't help, you may want to return to the Homepage or use the search form below. But hurry—there's no telling how much further your file will have gone by tomorrow!


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